What is GoWell?

GoWell was established in 2016 to connect patients and practitioners with allied healthcare professionals.

Have you ever woken up feeling sick or injured and tried to book an appointment with your health professional only to find out they are booked out till later in the week? You then get on google and search for health practitioners in your area. You make countless calls and still cannot book an appointment that fits your schedule requirement?

Well, the good news is that GoWell has flipped the model; instead of having the potential patient search through lots of doctor’s appointment slots, you input your availability and GoWell instantly details all practitioners who meet your criteria as follows:

Your availability
The date and time you want to schedule your appointment for that works for your Schedule

Your location
Where you want to search for health practitioners, near your house or would it be better if the appointment was close to work? You decide

Practitioner ratings
Obviously going to a new practitioner can be daunting. The fear of the unknown – but ratings would obviously help that fear, right? Furthermore, they also help ensure quality throughout the GoWell platform.

Cost of appointment
The price of a session with a Physio, Osteopath or Chiropractor is sometimes a consideration as, well, right? Well GoWell lets you input a cost you are prepared to pay and locates practitioners that are within your cost threshold.

GoWell is initially targeting the allied health sector for our launch. Other health appointment arenas will be targeted in due course.

What is GoWell - GoWell